Learning language through tasks and activities

welcome to my blog, in here I want to share the definition of learning language through tasks and activities.

According to Brown (2002), formulates the concept of task that seems to capture the
essentials. He defines task as an activity in which:
– Meaning is primary
– There is some communication problem to solve
– There is some sort of relationship to comparable real world activities.
– Task completion has some priority
– The assessment of the task is in term of outcome.

To promote maximum student learning, there are many qualities of tasks that need to be considered by the teachers. The focus is on qualities that are likely to affect students’ beliefs about their competencies and their expectations for success. The following are some consideration for the teacher in designing any task for the students.

1. Make sure the task is clear.
2. Give tasks that are challenging but achievable for all students.
3. Organize assignments to provide frequent opportunities for
students to see their skill level increase.

Task need to be supported by a previous focus on language forms, skills, and strategies developed through activities. Activities prepare students for the language and thinking demand of a task by providing different kind of support (Brewster and Girald, 2003). In brief, the characteristics of activities as follows: Focus on language practice, 45 Cognitively simple, Not always personalized according to pupil’s interests, not a meaningful end in themselves, provide a small degree of pupil freedom and choice, Provide controlled and guided practice, Rehearse specific language items, skills or strategies and Support the linguistics and cognitive demands of task in structured way.


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I want to share you about children learning a foreign language..


There is different about teaching foreign language to children, some differences are immediately obvious: children are often more enthuastic and lively as learners. children do not find it as easy to use language to talk about language; in other words they do not have the same access as older learners to metalanguage that teachers can use to explain about grammar or discourse. In teaching foreign languages to children, teachers can use media such as games and other learning activities so that children can be interested in learning foreign languages

According to Piaget, language is inherently a social factor partly because of the conventional nature of words and this conventional nature of words is crucial for conceptual development. Piaget theorized that language was simply one of children’s ways of representing their familiar worlds, a reflection of thought, and that language didn’t contribute to the development of thinking.

According to Vygotsky, a word without a thought is a dead thing, and a thought not embodied in words remains a shadow. A child first seems to use language for superficial social interaction, but at some point, this language goes underground to become the structure of the child’s thinking.

According to Jerome Bruner’s, Language is important for the increased ability to deal with abstract concepts. Bruner argues that language can code stimuli and free an individual from the constraints of dealing only with appearances, to provide a more complex yet flexible cognition.


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Last week, I watched a movie about a children born with disability and now, I want to review the movie to you.

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His name is August Pullman called Auggie. He was born with the different face from other children and he wants to be an astronaut.

He has a father, mother and sister who love him very much. One day his mother decided to stop giving home schooling education and sending him to public school. Before he join the class, he met a principle and three children with a different characters. He accompanied bythem to looked every room in the school. On the first day at school, his family drop off him until school gate and his parents encouraged him before he enter the class. All his fiends gazed him like a weird people but he attended the class well. After class he was in a bad mood, cause his friends mock him. At dinner his parents asked him about his first day at school but Auggie ran and criedto his room. His mother approached him and asked “what’s wrong with you?”. He was sad, cause he has an ugly face and his mother tried to convince him that his face isn’t ugly and then, his father approached him to give the spirit for him. Her sister Via, just be happy if her brother be happy. Although her parents love more for her brother.

On the next day, Auggie and Via went to the school. At the school Via met her old friend, Miranda and Via called Miranda happily but Miranda just little response and leave Via. It’s make Via be sad. At the time, she met a man named Justin Hollander and she like him. Auggie likes science lesson. Therefore, he can answered exam question and he saw his friend Jack Will hard to answer the exam. Auggie helped Jack Will to answer the exam.

At lunch Jack Will said thanks for the answer key to Auggie and ever since then they have been good friends. At Halloween, Auggie was very happy cause he can use Halloween costume. When he enter the class, he heard Jack Will insult Auggie and it’s make Auggie be sad. His sister, Via calm him and invite him to join the halloween party together.

At school Jack accost Auggie, but Auggie answered curtly. Jack be confused with Auggie, Jack try to asked Auggie at lunch “what’s wrong with you” and Auggie said “go away” to Jack. At that time Summer approached Auggie, they talk together and be a good friend. Jack try to talked Summer, so that he can know what happened to Auggie and Summer give the clue to Jack about what happened to Auggie. Jack try to remember that clue and he can remember that clue, Jack said sorry to Auggie by game and Auggie forgives Jack.

At school via holding a theater event, via as a backup actor and Miranda as the main actor. Initially, via mother didn’t want to watch the via theater cause she only as a backup actor but via’s mother change her mind and still watching via theater  with family. Miranda saw from the backstage, Via’s family watching Miranda’s appearance because Miranda is via old friend. So miranda decided to replace her character as via so her family saw the appearance via. Via family is very proud of its appearance and they celebrated her success with Miranda and Justin. Auggie showed his project science to Justin and Miranda and it is amazing. At the class Auggie and Jack won the first place. Julian felt unhappy with Auggie’s success and he insulted Auggie Julian’s actions were known by a teacher. Julian and his parents called by principal, Julian was very sorry and he apologized to Mr. Tushman for his behaviour.

Auggie school held a nature reserve event and all the students followed it. While watching together, Auggie and Jack go out to play and suddenly there are a children who disturb them. Amos and his friends helped Auggie and Jack and they be a good friends. At the graduation, Auggie get the appreciation as a child who was able to attract many people.

  • The relation of this movie with my experience is every child has a different attitude and we as a teachers must be able to respond to each child’s behavior well. when I taught a student, I meet a different attitudes in every child there are quiet and active and I should be able to teach them with their different attitudes

  • My favorite actor in this movie is Via, cause via is very patient and still love her brother even though both of parents has more love for Auggie and via not ashamed to admit Auggie as her brother.



My experience when I taught the children


During the holiday, I have a chance to teach young learners. My difficulties when I was teaching young learners or pre-school. In the class, I just had two students. One of them can’t join the class without his mother and if his mother didn’t accompany him, he cried and didn’t want to join the class. Many reasons he made. so that, he didn’t join the class. such as sleepy and stomache. Every in the class, he can’t be silent and he always desire his friend. But, he is very active and smart in the class.

It’s make me challenged to made them more interest about their lessons. Cause they are really likes stickers, I always gave some stickers to them, if they can answer or guess my question. It’s like a reward for them and it made them really happy and more enthusiastic in learning.

I felt very happy, when I was given a chance to taught and sharing knowledge to them. It was my first experience in teaching

My experience of studying about ‘Cross Cultural Understanding’

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Today, I want to tell my experience of studying about ‘Cross Cultural Understanding’ in fourth semester.

In this semester we discussed about the explanation of cross cultural understanding and Ma’ am Asri asked us to give our opinions about what is ‘Cross Cultural Understanding’,
on a piece of paper. In addition, many topics explained by Ma’ am Asri. There was introduction, personal relationship, non verbal communication, family values, and educational attitude. After that, we made a group with the different topics and I got the educational attitude topic with my friends, there are Yohana, Rotua, Mawar. We were create a poster about educational attitude and after that we explained our topic to each of groups.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-08 at 23.35.26.jpeg

This is our picture after we explained our poster…

After that, in the next meeting. We made a video based on our topic ‘Educational Attitude’

In this video we explained about the differences of educational attitude in other contries. There are fourf seesion in our video and we made a video about private university vs national university, active participation, the teacher- student relationship, and independent learning. In this video we made conclusions on each topic.

I think that’s all about my experience of studying about ‘Cross Cultural Understanding’.
See you on my next blog…

My memories in Advent elementary school

Hello guys …
I want to tell you about my experience during in Advent elementary school

On Wednesday 26th May, me and my group that is Maria, Rumi, dan Elyta went to Advent elementary school to tell a story entitle “Timun Mas” to the advent elementary school children.


This is not the first time I visited elementary school but this is the second time I visited elementary school. although this is not the first time for me but I was still feel nervous to tell the children, I was fear if they were not listened to our story and were busy with others but I was wrong they were sat calmly listened to the story.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-05 at 14.37.45

The picture above is the picture when the elementary school children were listened to the story, they were calmly followed the story.

My group arrived at advent elementary school when break time and there were so many kids played in the field.

when we arrived at school, the children were very friendly to us their greetings to us and after that we went into the classroom to tell the story to the 5th grade and before we tell the story we give a piece of paper about “Rimun Mas” story to each child so they could followed the story, when we tell the story they were sat calmly listened to the stories we tell.

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-05 at 14.37.46

After we finished tell the story we explained the message in the “Timun Mas” story and after that we give the candy to each child as a gift because they  listened to us tell stories and they were very happy to get a candy gift from us.

I think I have enough to tell my experience during in Advent elementary school. I hope you like my experience and see you on my next blog.

My luxurious things in my future

Hello guys…
I want to tell you about my luxurious things in my future.


My luxurious things in my future


Sewing machine


The way to get the luxury items I have to work hard to earn money and save my money for buy the luxury items. an advertisement am seen by me on television about sewing machine and made me want to bought it and very multi functional. have a sewing machine is my desire because I want made something as bag, purse and anything else. I think have a sewing machine make my lives better because I can sell something from stitches and earn money. sewing machine very  important for my live because the sewing machine am made a bag by me




The second luxury items motorcycle to get the luxury items I have to work hard to earn money and save my money for buy the luxury items. an advertisement am seen by me on television about motorcycle and made me want to buy it. Have a motorcycle is a necessity for me because have a motorcycle can make it easier for me to go to campus and save money. with motorcycle make my lives better because can make it easier for me when traveling. motorcycle very  important for my live because the motorcycle am taken my sister by me to school.




The third luxury items laptop to get the luxury items I have to work hard to earn money and save my money for buy the luxury items. an advertisement am seen by me on television about laptop and made me want to buy it. Have a laptop is a necessity for me because have a laptop can make it easier for me in doing the task. With laptop make my lives better because can recognize technological progress. laptop very  important for my live because I do not have to bother to go to the network place and save time.




My important transition in my life and a milestone of my idol

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I want to tell you my about my milestone in my life and a milestone of my idol

my name is Greta Natasia, almost everyone is wrong in wrote my full name in school.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-11 at 08.47.04

I’m the second child of four siblings three girls and one boy


WhatsApp Image 2018-04-11 at 11.17.30.jpeg

At the five years old I had entered in kindergarten while my other friend was six years old, I was the youngest in the class. When I was in kindergarten my teacher wanted me two years in kindergarten so that my age is same with my classmates but my mom refused it and did not want me two years in kindergarten,  so in first elementary school I was six years old.

when I was elementary school I school in SDS DAMAI in fourth elementary school  I always followed the dance performances from school

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-11 at 08.45.14 (2)

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-11 at 08.45.14 (1)

besides danced I also ever followed the singing contest in my course place and get the champion one when I sang the song “MOTHER HOW ARE YOU TODAY” I was very happy and didn’t expect to get the champion one.

In fifth to sixth elementary school I started to focus on learning to get my favorite school in junior high school 231 and finally I could go to junior high school 231.



when I was junior high school I joined extracurricular activities badminton at school I think badminton make my body grow high, because at junior high school I had a body which is small so every home from school many people said junior high school small body, so I decided to enter the badminton extracurricular.

After graduated from junior high school I planned to go to senior high school 92 but when new student admissions online my name in hacker, so I can not go to senior high school 92 even though my pure Ebtanas value enough to go to high school 92 and finally I go to senior high school 114 I was very disappointed at that time but God had given me the best way and I had to accept it after entered in senior  high school my body is high enough so no one says my body is small.

after graduated from senior high school I continued college in UKI, I ever tried a test at a state university but I didn’t qualify, so I entered in UKI.





I really idolize my parents because they have take care of me from small to big, my parents always remind me to continue to give thanks in all things and they always motivate me I’m very proud of them, without my parents I can’t college in UKI.

That’s my important transition in my life thank you for reading it.


My challenge

Hello guys I want to tell you about my challenge.

When I was in the third grade of senior high school.

I had to take the art and culture practice exam and the test was dancing and I really couldn’t dance but it doesn’t make me despair.

I practice to show the best and when the practice exam arrivedarrived, I can do it and my group show the best.

From my challenge I learned, I can do it, if I practice.

* I’m ready to comeback stronger.

* I can and I will be more today  and yesterday.

* I can feel my factory

* Set your goal to be a winner

My healthy lifestyle

Hello guys…  I want to tell you my healthy lifestyle.

images (9)

1. Increase the consumption of water

Consume lots of water benefitsbenefits, so we have to drink lots of water, water is one of my favorite beverages, so every day I always consume water with plenty to keep me from dehydration

images (10)

2. Enough rest

At night we have to rest for eight hours, so we can reactivate activity with maximum, sometimes my sleep time is less so that makes me not the spirit in the move


3. Sports

We must exercise every day to keep our bodies healthy and span of the disease, exercising is very rare I do but I really like to exercise with the bike in the morning because the air is very cool

images (11)

4. Eating vegetables and fruits

Eating lots of vegetables and fruits is very important in our body to be healthy, i love all the fruit especially papaya it taste very sweet and beneficial to our body and i also like vegetables but not all vegetables i like i just love spinach and broccoli vegetables